Who are we?

Just two Scottish Gals who have been best friends for nearly 10 years. We have got each other through the craziness of working in retail, night shifts, bad relationships, bad hangovers, dating dilemmas, tinder and the amazing highs and shitty lows of life. We have been each other's go to therapist for all things weird and wonderful. We have always talked about starting a podcast and have finally decided (Fuck it!) while everyone is mostly at home during a global bloody pandemic; now is probably the best time to give it a go. What could go wrong?...

So what can you expect?

Each week we will be having a wee blether sharing our own crazy & embarrassing life stories and also offering our P.O.V on all of your experiences too. So look out for our insta stories, to answer our polls or for a chance to be featured (anonymously!!) with your stories & dilemas. Please share anything with us! We have probably felt the exact same way & it may help someone listening more than you know. We keep everything we chat about on The Gal Pals P.O.V ANONYMOUS!! This way you can share freely and confidently. We also don’t take ourselves very seriously and take the piss often, we are just here to have a laugh and share some love, that we hope helps brighten someone else’s day.

Weekly Features

Every week there will be a theme of spreading positivity and self-love (cause we all bloody need a bit extra right now!) We will be pulling one affirmation card each episode to offer our listeners a positive message that may relate to you and any situation that may be happening in your life. We will also feature our “Let’s ask the cards!?” segment, as you can clearly tell we are not trained psychologists so will sometimes look to the cards for some advice. Whether you believe or not it’s helped us get some perspective and many laughs from life's crazy challenges. We will also be inviting some guests onto our show to get their P.O.V on our topics, because it's always good to get a different perspective. .

So if you fancy it, join us for a wee chat on any device or platform of your choice;… Spotify, Apple Podcasts, maybe light some candles, pour some alcohol, get comfy and listen.

Love your gal pals,
Brooke & Sarah x