The Gal Pals POV

Send us your questions & stories

Every week we have a feature where we take some of your stories and questions and share them on the podcast. Do you need some advice about relationships or just life in general? here at The Gal Pal's Point of View Podcast we want you to think of us as your Agony Aunt. Here on the podcast we will give our own point of view and opinion on the situation you need advice on from an outsider’s perspective because sometimes you need some of that right?!

It’s the same idea with any stories that you send in to us, it can range from anything you want like a Bad Date, Worst One Night stand or embarrassing stories… the list goes on! Don’t worry we aren’t safe from embarrassing stories either and will be sharing every secret of our own.

Anything that you send us will be completely anonymous, even the contact form does not take names or email addresses.

*Please note we are not trained professionals and we do not expect people to take unsolicited advice from anything that is mentioned on the podcast or socials. (this is just for a bit of fun)*

    The Gal Pal's POV Podcast Est. 2021

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